Skinning Knives

As a hunter, you are well aware of the importance using the best skinning knife available. As we create our custom knives, you are our top priority. Our goal is to make your job clean and simple. Our knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover the needs of those hunting and trapping large and small game alike. 

We have everything from a 3 inch soft handled fixed blade skinning knife to a folding knife with a replaceable surgical-grade scalpel knife blade. All our knives sport wicked sharp blades, and many of our knives even come with extra blades for your convenience. Check out our selection of top-of-the-line hunting knives. If you’re looking for the best skinning knife available, you’ve found it! Not sure which knife to choose? Let us help.

How to select the best hunting knife

Typically, a skinning knife is made with a blade that has a narrow tip so that you can make your cuts precise. You also want to use a knife with a short, thin, light blade to help you maintain control while preventing fatigue in your hands and wrists. Additionally, most hunters say the ideal blade length is between three and six inches. If the blade is too long, you will have more difficulty maintaining control when you reach those areas which require more precise cutting. On the other hand, a blade that’s too short can make it difficult to grip and maintain leverage during the cut.